Photography Blogs

There is no shortage of information out there. Just take a look at the blogs and websites that are being added to the net daily. The key thing is being able to sift the information, there is a lot of good info, but also, there is a lot of “ho hum” stuff. Over the past 2 years that I have been involved in photography, I have managed to do a lot of sifting. I have a list (see my blog list) of some of the best blogs and sites (IMHO anyway) So, grab a cup of coffee, and give yourself half an hour to read through some of them, it will be worth it…

Photography for real Estate: Great blog, the tips are excellent and not just relevant to Real Estate pics

Joe Mcnally: Joe is a National Geographic shooter, a Nikon test pilot and generally a great photographer

Koos van Der Lende: Inspirational landscapes and a really nice guy too…great to visit.

Chase Jarvis: What can i Say, just go and look at what this guy does!

Photoshop insider: Need to know something about PS, this is the place to go

and many many others…check my blogroll to keep up to date, i will update it as I pick up more sites!

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One thought on “Photography Blogs”

  1. Thank you for sharing these blogs! I recently ignited my passion for photography and am going to love reading through these sites and being inspired by them. Thanks so much.

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