Getting it right, the series…

Structure is always good, sometimes it can be restricting but mostly a framework always helps. So, I decided to put a bit of structure in place for this blog. The first bit of structure will be a series that I have called “getting it right” The basic idea will be to blog about the most common mistakes amateur (and some pro’s) make and then discuss ways of avoiding them or fixing them. I dont want these to sound like lessons, but they will take the form of tips and tricks. I will try and keep things simple, not always possible, photography can be technical, but I find that if I understand why something is being done, I will catch on quicker, so thats what I will try and get across. So in this series we will look at:

  • Exposure – how to correctly expose for a particular photograph, what is high key photography, what is low key photography, how to use exposure effectively etc
  • Composition – how do you put the elements of a photo together, what works, what doesnt work
  • Colour theory – how to work with colours, which colours work with which colours
  • Black and white – not as simple as you think, but can be very dramatic of done correctly
  • The right kit – what do you need to take those killer images, we will talk about tripods, cable releases, lenses, cameras and so on

This will be ongoing in between my other posts, but i have set up categories which will appear as I write the articles, so, keep coming back for each installment. Now, for some inspiration from one of South Africa’s premiere photographers, Koos van der Lende, who gets it right most of the time…

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