Friday – Site of the Day – Wedding Photojournalist Association

I have decided that on Friday’s I will put up a review of a site or site’s about photography that I have found useful or that has great images. So, my site for today is going to be one of my all time favourites for wedding photography inspiration, Wedding Photojournalist Association website. This is a site that is dedicated to the art of wedding photojournalism. Now wedding photojournalism is different to simply taking photos at a wedding. As a photojournalist you need to tell a story in images and it sounds easier than it is. As a photojournalist you need to capture moments in time and not simply “take pictures” and hope for the best. It is about timing, anticipation, being invisible, being in the right place, knowing your equipment and above all, being attentive to every detail of what is happening for 8 hours of that wedding. There are some strict criteria to bcome a member photographer of WPJA and they run a quarterly and annual competition amongst their members. Photos are entered into the competition by catergory for example they have a “getting ready” category to show images captured during that stage of the wedding, they have “ceremony”, “reception” and so on as categories. If you are keen on photographing weddings or just love good emotive, dramatic images, take a look at this website, it never fails to please… example below from the wpja website:


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