The misty sea

As you all know, I am a “binnelander” (live inland…in afrikaans) but I grew up in Kwazulu Natal, close to the sea. Since I have been doing photography, the sea is one of my favourite landscape subjects. I love its moods, its colours and its shapes and movement. Last week I was down in Ballito for a few days and to say the least, the weather was horrible. It was windy (on good days) rainy, cloudy and pretty much useless for any interesting photography. There were about 2 days out of 5 that it didnt rain and the one afternoon I went down to the beach to see what I could get. So here are the results….I am pretty happy with them.

So, I learned some lessons here about when the weather is bad:

1. Never give up. I know that it is easy to sit back and think that maybe tomorrow ill be a better day, but sometimes you need to persist until you get some images
2. Take photos in any kind of weather. The weather can be a huge ally in creating dramatic images. I was hoping for soft clouds in the sky and nice magenta sunsets, but it never happened. If i had waited for the clouds to clear up, I would never have these images in the bag
3. Be aware of how the elements could damage your camera. After these photos, my camera was moist from the fine drizzle and the spray of the sea, make sure you dry it off well afterwards (dont forget to do your tripod too)
4. Take a chance, you never know what might happen.Technorati Tags: , , , , ,


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