Train travel…a great alternative

In South Africa, we don’t have much to choose from when it comes to public transport. Unfortunately, we have not developed a robust system that can be used by all South Africans.

Window view

In years gone by, air travel was expensive and I remember as a child we would travel from Durban to Johannesburg by train. In recent years, this has changed because air travel became more affordable and unfortunately, train travel became less safe.

Recently though, we heard about a new train offering that was travelling to major destinations in South Africa called the premier classe and we decided to travel from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town on the train.

We had an absolutely amazing time. The train was certainly luxurious, but more than that, the scenery w

as outstanding and the service was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, they were friendly and very

Dinner Time

helpful. The trina itself was in very good condition, the cabins and lounge areas were spotless and this made for a fantastic experience. We meandered through some fo the most amazing scenery in the Eastern Cape and into the Western Cape,

we saw some amazing sights that you just dont see when travelling by road and certainly not by air. Some of the kloofs and passes were amazing with the highlight being the Outeniqua pass into George. It was quite an interesting trip, sleeping on the train took a bit of getting used to, but it was a lot of fun…try it some time.

Bar and Window
Lounge Cart
Train houses

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