On the move..

We have just arrived in Cordoba after leaving Rosario this morning. Rosario was a lovely city and our couchsurfing host – Sergio was amazing and he had a beautiful home and was a really good chef. Right now though we are bushed and are probably leaving Cordoba tomorrow for the mountains, so once we settle, I will be putting a few posts together… in the mean time, here are some further pics that I took in San Telmo and BA surrounds.

San Telmo Street corner
San Telmo Coffee Shop

Tango guitar master

Tango singers passion
BA is a huge city!!
Coffee Time

Recognise this bank?


One thought on “On the move..”

  1. I love your Photos of BA and on other sections of this blog. I am also planning a trip to Argentina, but only for a couple of months. I will be starting in Patagonia after landing in BA and going clockwise. I have a contact in the Salta if you and your Mrs are interested. NW Nomad and you can find them on google or the link on my tango blog. http://londontango.wordpress.com
    I just got a new camera which I tested out this morning. 🙂 I point and shoot, until I find time to learn properly. I look forward to reading about your journey. Who knows, I might be asking you for places to visit and where to stay! I leave the UK around the end of Jan. Have a great time on your travels. All the best and stay safe.

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