Alejandro and Mariana – couchsurfing hosts

Alejandro and Mariana were our first couchsurfing hosts ever. We have hosted many couchsurfers back in SA, but have never surfed a couch. We had an absolutely amazing time with them, they have a beautiful apartment in the old part of  Buenos Aires called San Telmo. The apartment is really a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the BA city streets and when you are there, it seems that all the noise and craziness that is BA, has been turned off. Alejandro and Mariana were also great to chat to, we spent many hours, late into the night chatting about politics, music (Alejandro plays guitar and they have an extensive music collection) marriage and life in general. Mariana is a great cook and she made us an Argentininan speciality while we were there called Empanadas (similiar to cornish pies, but with spicy Chourizo sausage, cheese and mushrooms inside, very tasty) They also have a similar sense of humour to me and I left them with some Goon Shows to enjoy. We will never forget our first couchsurf and we will never forget Alejandro and Mariana…we left feeling that we had made new friends. Some images (of course…) below


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