A belated Happy Christmas…. no WiFi

Well, we were in the city of Tucuman for a few days and the Wifi was patchy there, we then moved onto Tafi Del Valle where there was only one place in the whole village that had WiFi and so it has been difficult to put any news on the blog for the past week.  Both Tucuman and Tafi del Valle were great, Tafi is almost 2000m above sea level, so it is very high up and is surrounded by massive mountains. Unfortunately, it rained for the 3 days we were there, so I have no photos worth putting up. When the clouds did lift, it was only on the last day as we were leaving the bus station….such a pity. We are now in Salta and there is plenty WiFi, so more posts will be put in the next day or two…in the meantime, here is an image from Tucuman…taken from the balcony of our hotel.

Steeples of Tucuman

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