Tafi del Valle – Mountain Village

We departed from Tucuman on a humid morning and began an exhausting climb up the mountains, well, the bus we were on began an exhausting climb. It was a rather treacherous mountain pass to say the least and it reminded me a lot of some of the mountain passes we have travelled in Mpumalanga, very tropical at the beginning. The fact that I knew it was a pass was denoted by a sign on the road that read “El Paso” and we were on it. It was spectacular, but neither Francis nor I could get an photos of it as the bus driver was in a bit of a hurry to say the least. These guys are like Kamikaze pilots who miss the target and come back again. They drive like crazy, after flying around dizzying bends, braking into hairpin turns and looking over cliff edges, Francis was feeling a bit green and to be honest, I was glad to be through the pass. On the other side lay a few villages, one of them Tafi del Valle, where we were to stay for the next few days. Tafi is a delightful village and is really small and quaint maybe a bit broken down, but still quaint. There we spent Christmas eve and Day and it passed very placidly, apart from the locals setting off enough fireworks to make you think that there was a very large war about to start. Unfortunately, it rained most of the time we were there, but we nejoyed it nonetheless. As a result of the rain, I didnt get any photos, as it was difficult to carry a large camera bag around in the rain, Francis however pulled out her trusty point and shoot when it did stop raining, so the images below are from her blog, click here to check out the posts on Tafi del Valle, just scroll down…

Heidi scene in Tafi del Valle

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