Salta – A Beautiful place

Salta is simply a magnificent city and has been the highlight of our trip so far. Salta is also known as “Salta la Linda” which means Salta the Fair and it really is a beautiful place. The colonial architecture adds to its charms and it is surrounded by low mountains which makes it a very scenic city. It has a lot of 18th century buildings which show the colonial Spanish influence and it is a city that is easy to walk through and enjoy. For me, there was so much to photograph, but one of the most amazing places was the Church of Saint Francis (see pic below) it was truly outstanding and I took a lot of photos there, but will edit the best ones and probably post them on Flickr later.

Yesterday (28th December) we did a day excursion into the Salinas Grande (Salt Pan high in the foothills of the Andes) and travelled to an altitude of 4107m above sea level, that’s just over 4km. I will be editing those images soon, so keep an eye out for them…in the meantime, take a look at these.

Photo Notes:

1. All of these images have been edited in Photoshop

2. The stitched image of the plaza was done in Autopano Giga, what a great piece of Software

3. The shot of the Church of St Francis was done with my wide angle lens at a very high angle

4. Most of the images were taken during sunst in the evening (which is around 8:30pm here)

I will be posting these images in Flickr over the next few weeks, once I have I will post the link on this blog. On Flickr you will be able to see the EXIF data of each image i.e. Aperture, shutter, ISO etc.


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