Dylan, Cheri, Ridder and Amelia

Francis and I were walking down one of the main roads in Bariloche, Looking for  bank when we saw a woman and her young son, battling the wind. As we got closer, she greeted us in Spanish at first and then she saw we were not Argentinean and she spoke to us in English. We chatted a bit and found out that her and her husband Dylan are missionaries from the USA doing evangelism work in Bariloche for the next 5 months. We chatted to Cheri for a while and then met Dylan who was on the other side of the road handing out evangelism material. Cheri asked us if we would like to join them for lunch which we did and pretty soon we ended up back at their place in one of the suburbs in Bariloche. We chatted for ages and actually had to make a concerted effort to leave or we would have probably all night. We left after we had chatted about so many things it was a really good time for all of us. We also swopped email addresses with them and they live in Bend, Oregon, so we will probably be able to see them too when we are in Canada, quite amazing. Again, we felt really excited because we had just met more people that we knew we would remain friends with. If you are interested to see more about what they do, please visit their blog at: http://www.harrisfamilyargentina.blogspot.com


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