Our ship has come in…

Francis and I took a walk down to the harbour today, we heard from our travel agent that our expedition ship, the “Antarctic Dream” would be arriving this morning and would be in the harbour. It was VERY exciting to see the “Antarctic Dream” docked there, she is not a very big ship, but that is part of the reason that the companies use these ships, for their smaller size and maneuverability. It was quite an amazing feeling to see her there. We also bumped into an Australian guy walking back from the harbour, he had just got off the “Antarctic Dream” and said that it was an absolutely amazing trip. He didn’t want to give us to much detail as he said he didnt want to spoil it for us, but he said that it will be a trip we will never forget.

So, we board the ship at 4pm tomorrow afternoon (8th Feb) and will return on the 18th Feb in the morning sometime, weather permitting. We wont have any internet access while on the ship, so technically we will be “off the radar” for 11 days. We are so excited, we really cant wait and we know it will be a huge adventure, naturally posts and pics will go up when we return….

See you on the other side!


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