Yes, we are still here…

Well, after the past few weeks, we decided we needed a break, so we moved down to Vina del Mar just over a week ago, from Santiago. We said goodbye to our Couchsurfing hosts in Santiago,  Johanna and Mauricio and Steffi and got onto a bus to Vina del Mar.

Mauricio, Steffi and Johanna, our couchsurfing hosts in Santiago

Vina del Mar is a beautiful coastal city in Chile, it is nestled into the Pacific coast and has some really pretty beaches and long walkways. Francis and I have spent our time here walking along the beach to neighbouring towns, resting as much as possible and just regaining our strength after the quake. We wanted to stay in Vina for a month, but we battled to find reasonably priced accomodation for that length of time. We did find an apartment on the beach, but we could only get it for 10 days and we have been here for 4 days already. It is a beautiful apartment with a great view, easy access to the beach and just far enough out of the city centre of Vina to be comfortable.

The view from our apartment - Vina del Mar

We are taking this time to plan our next move, we will have to leave Vina in a week or so and from here we will move further North to the Atacama Desert, to a town called San Pedro de Atacama. So, that should be fun, San Pedro de Atacama has a lot of attraction, not least of which is Licanbur volcano.  I am hoping to capture some really great images up there of the desert and the mountains, but for now its still R & R time…


2 thoughts on “Yes, we are still here…”

  1. The view from the apartment looks great! Can’t you send Mauricio & clan to the Atacama Desert and you stay on there?????

  2. Hey – just because you are indulging in some R & R, doesn’t mean you have to stop the blogs! You owe us from 10/3 to 20/3! BTW, how is your Spanish coming along? I would imagine you have both developed better lisps than an entire Gay Pride Parade by now. Enjoy.

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