Cejar Lagoons and Salt Flats

Francis floating in 40% salt...

Our next expedition took us to the Laguna Ceja and then the salt flats. We took a dip (or rather a float) in the actual salt lagoons. The lagoon has a 40% concentration of salt and so you can float without any effort at all.  We floated a bit and then had a mud bath, which was so salty that it stung our skin. It was amazing, the one thing is that once you get out of the lagoon, you have to wash off with fresh water to get the salt off and there is a lot of it. It gets dry and powdery on your skin, but it really is an amazing experience. After that we moved off to the salt pan for sundowners, at the end of the pan is a lake which is evaporating but it is blue and clear, simply beautiful.

Cejar Laguna, salty!
Cejar Laguna
Francis balancing on a bottle in the salt pan!
Balancing act, too much salt makes you crazy!
Lagoon on the salt pan
Salt Pan opening
Us in the salt pan

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