Arequipa, the White City…

The Cathedral of Arequipa and the main square

Arequipa is known as “La Ciudad Blanca” because many of its buildings are made from white volcanic rock found in the area. It is also surrounded by 3, yes 3 volcanoes, the main one being El Misti. El Misti is 5822m in height and dominates the Arequipan skyline, an impressive sight.

The surrounding volcanoes
El Misti from the roof of our Hostal

Arequipa is a very pretty city, with old parts and new parts all mingled into one. It is an accessible city and there are some great restaurants and coffee shops on the plaza. We had a great time in Arequipa, here are some images from the city. Oh, there is also a picture of a Peruvian delicacy called Cuy, it is a guinea pig and it is widely eaten across Peru. There is a picture of the Cuy in this post, so if you don’t want to see it, then scroll over it quickly, it is the last image in this post. I had it for dinner and it was tasty, but not too much meat on the bones.

Arequipa Building
Church in Yanahuara Neighbourhood

Our next stop was Puno and we visited Lake Titicaca, more on that soon!

Peruvian Flag
It's Us!!
Cuy or Guinea Pig

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