More Antarctica Pano’s

I am sure that many of you must be thinking that we have dropped off the face of the planet. Well we havent, the thing is this, we have taken up a volunteering opportunity in Ollantaytambo until the second week in August. We are quite excited, we are volunteering at a lodge in Ollantaytambo called Apu Lodge. We are helping the owner with the marketing, finance and general day to day stuff. We are excited because we are sure we can help make a difference, plus we will be able to explore the Sacred Valley here in a lot more detail. So, we will be here until August. After that we will do a whistle stop tour of Brasil and Uruguay and then back to Buenos Aires before we jet home on the 1 Sept 2010.

In the meantime, I was going through some of my images from Antarctica the other day and found quite a few more Pano’s, so I have uploaded them for you to look at…let me know what you think! REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THEM to see them bigger….

Port Lockroy - British Post in Antarctica
Yankee Harbour - first stop in Antarctica
The beauty of Antarctica
More Antarctic beauty
Lemaire Channel
Yankee Harbour from the land

3 thoughts on “More Antarctica Pano’s”

  1. Hey! Its about time you resurfaced!! I thought the mudslides had got you.

    The pano’s you have been posting have been amazing – I enjoyed the Antarctic ones but even more so the ones you took in the desert – there is a lot more detail and colour range. One of them looked like a moonscape – out of this world! (literally!). Do you create them on your laptop or is it a setting in your camera itself?

  2. Hello U2

    The panoramas do make a difference! I am using a 23″ screen now and can really appreciate the beauty of your pictures. Well done!

    Enjoy your stay in Ollantaytambo.

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