Chinchero Market – Sacred Valley Peru

Colourful Belts for sale

Last week Sunday we went off to the Chinchero Market in the Sacred Valley. Chinchero has a market every Sunday and it is a great place to buy Andean handicrafts and knitted goods like jerseys, beanies, scarves etc. With winter on the way, we decied we would go and see what was for sale. Well the market was really interesting. Firstly, it is a meeting place for the locals, so all the farmers and indigenous people from the area congregate at the market to trade their agricultural goods like potatoes, beans, corn and so on. There is also an open air butchery and of course many of the men and women are dressed in traditional dress. The handicrafts for sale are colourful and beautiful, so it makes for an amazing sensory overload, lots of colours, interesting smells and people in traditional dress, whats not to like. We had a great time and bought one or two hats and will return to buy some winter woolies as it gets a little colder…

Alpaca wool products
Lady in traditional dress
Flutes and instruments made from Llama bones
Lady selling vegetables, beans, corn etc
Young lady in the market
Open air Butcher
Sisters in the Market

4 thoughts on “Chinchero Market – Sacred Valley Peru”

  1. The colourfulness of the Peruvian locals is quite amazing – as is the detail of their handmade materials. There is just one mystery I would like you to solve before you return home: Their young girls and women are stunningly beautiful (at least the one’s that you photograph!) What on earth happens between age 20 and age 60? The old lady in your “Negotiating” pic is so ugly, my screen froze. Could it be long-term exposure to the high altitude? If so, you had better get Francis home soon.

  2. Barry, fantastic photos as usual! I love them!

    I had to chuckle at the post from Leon. I think the altitude, hard life, sun exposure, poor diet probably all lead to the aged look of the older women.

    I have to say, though, that overall the women in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador sure beat the American woman in looks and shape!

    Sitting here in my living room in N. Peru, I look out the window and 9 out of 10 of the women passing by have slim shapely bodies and nice legs, pleasing faces, and even pretty well preserved.

    In the US, the numbers are just the opposite! Except for my wife, Lin, of course. You don’t find a slim shape like hers after age 50 just about anwhere…and she’s from fat and flabby Pennsylvania!

    Anyway, we’re looking forward to more great photos.

    David and Lin
    Los Organos, Piura, Peru

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