We have NO connection

You might have noticed that I havent put any new posts up for a while, well there is a reason. We have a problem with our Internet Wi-Fi connection. We still arent sure what the problem could be so tomorrow we will hopefully get a techie out to come and have a look. In the meantime, I am editing some images from the Festival that is going on in Ollanta, so once we have connection again, that post will be up…hopefully soon!!


3 thoughts on “We have NO connection”

  1. Hi Barry, fantastic photos as usual! We love the articles you have submitted to our site and invite you to continue.

    If you just want to do something quick, go to:


    where you can add one photo, a blurb, and put a link back to you.

    Or, if you’d rather, with your permission, I could excerpt your blogs with 2 or 3 photos linking to you.

    If that’s not possible, no problem. Let me know either way!


    David and Lin
    Los Organos, Piura, Peru


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