Ollantaytambo Festival

Ok, we are back on the grid of Wi-Fi access, so here goes. There was a festival here in Ollantaytambo last week to celebrate one of the saints of the valley. Details are a little sketchy as to what he did, but the whole town and valley for that matter go into 4 days of merrymaking. They have dancing and music in the central plaza for pretty much four days non-stop. They sing, dance, drink and dance and sing and…you get the idea. They dress up in incredibly colourful costumes and then the various dancing groups parade through the plaza and do their various dances, all accompanied by their own marching band. The sounds are incredible, the sights are amazing and the mixture of everything is a bit intoxicating. On the last evening they have a big fireworks display, in most other countries, a display of this size would require that people need to be probably 50 or more metres away, but there are no such rules in Peru. In fact, I stood just 10 metres from the main fireworks display and could feel the heat…

We enjoyed the festival a lot, there is another one in a months time called Inti Raymi, looking forward to it….

Decorative Headress
Masked man
Dancer in full regalia
Shrine to the saint...
Great colours...and masks
Amazing outfits
These boots were made for..
Young girl dancing...
More outfits..
Leg Decorations
El Diablo..the Devil!

Street dancing..
hehehehe everyone was there..
Not sure who these guys were..
The plaza at night
Dancing in the evening
The shrine reappears
Grand Finale!

One thought on “Ollantaytambo Festival”

  1. That looks spectacular something i could enjoy ,loved the costumes .YOU MUST HAVE HAD A GREAT TIME.

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