More images of Ollanta

Ollantaytambo is a small village but there is always something happening. The other day was Ollanta Raymi, a festival that celebrates General Ollanta. So there were lots of processions and there was a whole production that took place at the ruins. I never went in to the ruins, but took some images of the processions and of Ollantaytambo as I wondered through the 500 year old Inca streets. It is amazing to think that when we leave here, we would have lived in an original Inca village in the high Andes for 3 months, amazing.

The dancers on the ruins at Ollantaytambo
The procession starts
The procession starts

Dancers ging to the ruins
The Inca Emperor rounds up his subjects...
Ready to go
We havent seen Starbucks in Peru yet, but there is Inca Bucks!!
The Ruins..
More of the Ruins...
Great stonework
Old door in the town...

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