Armistice day

King Edward VII School Quad with Cenotaph

Today is the 11th November, a day that most people will know as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. It was the day on which the Armistice was signed between the Allies of World War 1 and Germany. Since then, it is a day on which the world stops to commemorate the men and women who have fallen in wars around the world. It is a sobering day and a solemn reminder of mans propensity to commit heinous crimes against one another and to go to war to justify some cause.

I was fortunate to go to a traditional all boys school in Johannesburg called King Edward VII school. In the schools history, many of the young men, during wartime, went to fight either during their time at the school or soon after leaving. King Edwards has a long list of names of those men who laid down their lives in these wars. It is such a strong part of the fabric of the school that a whole wing of the school is dedicated to those men who fell in these wars. There is a Garden of Remembrance and each year in November the school remembers their dead, by having a memorial parade. On the wall in the Garden of Remembrance is a plaque that says this haunting reminder to all who walk through those halls at King Edward VII School:

“Sons of this place, let this of you be said: that you who live are worthy of the dead”

King Edward VII School - Garden of Remembrance
King Edward VII School - Cenotaph with names of the fallen inscribed

We saw the Memorial Parade in Knysna on Sunday morning and a middle aged soldier gave a dedication to those who fought in these battles and gave their lives. He had a similar quote that he had seen on a memorial in France and it was as follows:

” We gave up our today, so you will have your tomorrow”

Roll of Honour being read out - Knysna Memorial Service

May we never forget the great sacrifices that these men made in these wars.

Pipers lead the Guard of Honour

2 thoughts on “Armistice day”

  1. Dear Barry ,that was really a lovely write up on King Edward glad you enjoyed the ceremony on Sunday must have brought back lots of memories of the parades at school .lots of love Mom xxxxxx

  2. Evocative photographs of the KES Cenotaph-there must be thousands of cenotaphs around the world, but each one calls attention to local heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, usually at a tragically young age.

    “On Armistice Day, the philharmonic will play, but the songs that we sing will be sad..” (Paul Simon song)

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