An evening with Beyers Truter

Under the Forest Canopy on Featherbed!

We have had some really interesting times in Knysna so far, but one of the highlights to date has been a dinner that we had earlier this week. We saw an advert in the local newspaper called Action Ads. The advert was for a dinner event with world renowned winemaker Beyers Truter, owner of Beyerskloof Wine Farm in Stellensbosch. The interesting part of this particular dinner was that Beyers was going to be doing the cooking and the talking and it was going to be a Snoek braai, no less. Well, we didn’t hesitate to jump at this opportunity and on top of it all, the braai was to be held at the beautiful Featherbed Nature Reserve forest restaurant and we would be transported to the Featherbed Reserve on the beautiful paddle cruiser. We signed up in no time!

Paddle Cruiser
Sunset from the Paddle Cruiser

The evening was fantastic, we boarded the paddle cruiser and on our cruise across the lagoon to the reserve, we had a beautiful sunset. We arrived at the Featherbed Nature Reserve with 50 other excited guests and soon, we  were ushered into the forest restaurant which is nestled under a canopy of indigenous trees and in the middle of the tables were the braais, with glowing coals, all ready for the snoek.

Paddle Cruiser docked at the Featherbed Nature Reserve

We were then introduced to the man himself, Beyers Truter. He is a very down to earth individual when you consider his local and international accolades, he is known and the Pinotage King around the world. The amazing thing is that he chatted to us as if we were having a braai in his back garden. He is very approachable and very funny. He covered topics from how a bottle of sparkling wine is carbonated to the hot debate of cork vs screw tops. He gave us some great tips on how to properly braai snoek (which we tasted and it was delicious) The venue was fantastic, we sat under the low trees with glimmering lights in them and sipped on our Beyerskloof wines and were thoroughly entertained by Beyers and the team from Featherbed Nature Reserve.

Beyers Truter entertaining us with fantastic stories
Snoek being braaied
Beyerskloof wines...

As with all good things, the evening came to an end, but not before a tranquil cruise back to the Cruise Café jetty where we all said our farewells.

For a few hours it was as if we had been transported to another world, and the evening was extremely enjoyable. Thank you to the team at the Featherbed Nature Reserve and to Beyers Truter and his team for putting on a great evening.

Cruise back on the Paddle Cruiser

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