We are in Canada…

We have been in Canada since mid September. To be honest, we haven’t really posted much because most of our time here has been taken up with some pretty mundane tasks like opening bank accounts, learning the bus routes, learning for our drivers tests and not too much in the way of travel. So far we are LOVING IT, it really is a beautiful place. We have been fortunate to arrive in autumn, or “the fall” as it known here. The leaves are changing colour as winter approaches and the colours and scenery are breathtaking. Only last week, did I get a chance to go out and capture some of the beauty that is here on the island on which Victoria is. There are forests right behind the city of Victoria and in a matter of a few minutes walk, you can be in forests that look very much like the Knysna forests. Victoria is essentially in a Pacific Rainforest so it is green and lush and the foliage and plant life is abundant.

We are off to Vancouver at the end of the week, Francis and I are thinking that we will probably live there. Victoria is amazingly beautiful, but it might be a little small for the starting of a business. So Vancouver will be the kick off of the plans. We will be in Vancouver for a week while I attend a creativity conference and we look for places to stay there. Victoria has a population of just over 400 000 while Vancouver has a population of almost 3 million.

So, we are excited, but to show you where we have been so far and some of the stuff we have seen, take a look at the pic below…

Legislative buildings in Downtown Victoria
Street Pano of Downtown Victoria, the Royal BC museum on the Right
This is the marina at the end of our street
The view of the marina through the trees
Panoramic of the marina



4 thoughts on “We are in Canada…”

  1. All looks nice glad you are enjoying it. vancouver is were Chelsea was this year, she said it was awesome. keep well and keep the posts going. Love the Wood’s

  2. I’m so happy for the two of you. You really seem happy. Greg and I cannot wait to come visit you. All the pics above are stunning and I’m sure when we come over they will look slightly different with snow all over. Hee! Hee! Cant wait. Love you both lots. E & G

  3. Welcome to the Americas!! Wonderful photographs. We wish you much happiness and great success in everything you and Frances do in your new Country.

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