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Hi, I’m Barry and I am a fulltime photographer, thanks for visiting me on Lightimage.  I have been into photography for many years, but went into it full time in January 2008.  I specialise in a  few areas of photography such as weddings, commercial shoots, food photography, real estate and other selected work.

I have a passion for photography and realised early on that it  is all about capturing light and using light to create the image and emotion I want to portray.  I also know that many people are frustrated with the photos they take because they can’t translate what they are seeing into an image that accurately portray that sight. As a result I have a real desire to teach people how to capture images that are dramatic, filled with meaning and something that they can be proud of.

I have been fortunate enough to have won a photomarathon in 2007 and in 2008 won a Bronze Award in the Fuji Film Photographic awards under the category “documentary”. In 2009 I won a Bronze Aware in the Scenic Category in the Fuji Film awards again. I currently live in Knysna, South Africa and for most of 2009, I lectured part time at the College of Digital Photography.

My wife and I landed in Buenos Aires on the 9th December 2009 to start the first leg of a 9 month trip through South America. We have travelled through Argentina, Antarctica, Chile and Peru. We are back in South Africa, but it was an amazing trip and a great time photographically speaking.  The posts on this blog will give you some insights as to what we saw, where we are and what we are doing…we have been having a great time!



14 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Barry

    What a great site – I will make a point of visiting your site more often!
    Will also recommend it to some photographer friends of mine.
    When I have the time I love reading Francis blog and it is always so good to hear from you guys!
    I would love to be able to visit or have you and Francis visit here in Cape Town.



  2. Hi Barry,

    Your photos are awsome, you have amazing talent. Can’t wait to read some more updates to your blog. Keep up the great work
    Blessings, Chris

  3. Hi Barry,

    I wish you guys the best on your journeys.

    Perhaps we might see you guys around. I have joined a venture that will give me travel vouchers and funds to travel.
    Hester does not know yet, because I want to keep it a surprise once it happens.

    Be Blessed

  4. @Monica – thanks for the compliment, wish we could have spent more time in CT, but we will see you again
    @Chris – Thanks for your compliment too…the updates will start flowing…

  5. hey there! so glad to see you two finally on the road!!! so excited for you… my picture taking is coming along, you would be amazed at what i have learned so informally these past 11 months… keep in touch and we will be excited to read your blog. i will pass it along to michael and also check out francis’ blog as well. hugs to you both and carpe diem! ciao, jessica

  6. Hi Barry – its great to see your talked-about dreams of so many months have come true. I am enjoying your travelblog (can I patent that? A play on Travelogue? I think I will!) and hope to live vicariously through you and Francis for the months to come. As for Jessica’s advice to carpe diem, I say, given the romatic settings you find yourself in, rather carpe Francis!! Have a great one.


  7. How great is it to be doing what you enjoy and being good at it too! Following both your blogs avidly!

    Viajes con Dios


  8. hy friends! how are you! i couldn´t go that moday to oreades, sorry, but i ariived late and i´ve been sleeping all day!
    were are you? how was your journey to antarctica?
    we enjoy a nice hollydays at lago yehuin, it was so beautifull and rocio and i´ve been fishing a lot
    i hope we can continue or friendship!
    say goodbye to francis
    rocio & hernan

  9. Your photos are magnificent. Glad to see you are fulfilling a dream. When you are in the UK, you are more than welcome to stay with us.

  10. This is so exciting, except to see now that you have experienced the quake in Chile, but God’s hand is on your life. Bless you both. June

  11. Hey Barry,

    Glad to hear you guys are alright bud. Don’t want to lose my co-photoshop lecturer so soon, you know. Geez I thought SA was dangerous, your experience makes Louis Botha at peak hour seem like kindergarten.

    Stunning images from Antartica ne, I’ve moved it up my bucket list.

    Stay well buddy, keep the dangers to a minimum okay. You still need to prepare the Vancouver guys for the mass “brady” inflow.

    Pass on my regards to the mrs.

    your brother from another mother 🙂

  12. Hi Barry

    It was great to meet you and Francis during my stay at Apu Lodge. Wish I had more time there.

    Happy to find your blog and just started reading them. So many gorgeous pictures!

    Send my regards to Francis and Louise!

    from Singapore

  13. Hi Barry,

    I was trying to send you Happy Birthday wishes, but the email addresses I had for you and Francis don’t seem to work.

    Here is the message I was trying to send:

    Hi Barry,

    I know, I haven’t been in touch. I’m very sorry. I have had lots of things to deal with this year. (Doesn’t justify it. I’m really sorry.) Things are looking up again though. 🙂

    In any case: Happy Birthday!! You’re soooo old!! :))))

    I’m not exactly sure anymore whether it was the 6th, 8th of 9th September, but I do remember, it was around this time.

    Lots of blessings!

    And don’t forget to send my regards and lots of Portuguese SHPESHALS to Francis! :)))


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