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Follow the rules..sometimes!

If you have been taking photos for some time, you will have heard of the various rules that are out there about how to take a good pic. Things like leading lines, rule of thirds etc… In many cases, these rules are a good foundation and the have a lot of value to help you to get you images looking good, but you have to know WHEN and HOW to break them. For example, take the rule of thirds, you know the one…you divide you image up into thirds and as far as possible, put your centre of interest on one of the lines as they interesect (called a powerpoint  – nothing to do with Microsoft) But when can you break this rule, well, if your COI (centre of Interest or Subject) is so compelling that it doesnt matter where you put it. Pieter Hugo is a South African photographer who breaks these rules with great aplomb, but his subject matter is so incredible, you can’t help but look at his images. They create a sense of unease, the colours are muted and darkened, but the images are incredible. Take a look at the pics in this post, tell me what you think, Should Pieter have followed a more traditional composition, or does this work…I Hyena Manthink it does!