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Alejandro and Mariana – couchsurfing hosts

Alejandro and Mariana were our first couchsurfing hosts ever. We have hosted many couchsurfers back in SA, but have never surfed a couch. We had an absolutely amazing time with them, they have a beautiful apartment in the old part of  Buenos Aires called San Telmo. The apartment is really a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the BA city streets and when you are there, it seems that all the noise and craziness that is BA, has been turned off. Alejandro and Mariana were also great to chat to, we spent many hours, late into the night chatting about politics, music (Alejandro plays guitar and they have an extensive music collection) marriage and life in general. Mariana is a great cook and she made us an Argentininan speciality while we were there called Empanadas (similiar to cornish pies, but with spicy Chourizo sausage, cheese and mushrooms inside, very tasty) They also have a similar sense of humour to me and I left them with some Goon Shows to enjoy. We will never forget our first couchsurf and we will never forget Alejandro and Mariana…we left feeling that we had made new friends. Some images (of course…) below


On the move..

We have just arrived in Cordoba after leaving Rosario this morning. Rosario was a lovely city and our couchsurfing host – Sergio was amazing and he had a beautiful home and was a really good chef. Right now though we are bushed and are probably leaving Cordoba tomorrow for the mountains, so once we settle, I will be putting a few posts together… in the mean time, here are some further pics that I took in San Telmo and BA surrounds.

San Telmo Street corner
San Telmo Coffee Shop

Tango guitar master

Tango singers passion
BA is a huge city!!
Coffee Time

Recognise this bank?

Beautiful San Telmo

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighbourhoods (Barrio) in Buenos Aires. It has cobbled streets, small narrow lanes, beautiful buildings and amazing deli’s and street food. Last night, at about 8pm I strolled through the streets and captured some of the essence of San Telmo, just a few images, I will post more as soon as I have edited them, but for now…take a look

Streets of San Telmo
San Telmo Architecture
Early Evening in ST
Spicy Sausages....
Evening Falls...

Moving on to Rosario

We are having a great time at our couchsurfing hosts Alejandro and Marianna. They are really special people and have welcomed us into their lovely apartment in San Telmo as if we were old friends. We chatted with them until late last night and drank some amazing Malbec wine from the Mendoza region. They are really interesting people and we chatted about politics, music, marriage and couchsurfing for ages.

Monday we leave the big city of Buenos Aires and move onto Rosario, a smaller city approx 300kms away from BA. It is an important city historically as it was the first city where the Argentinian flag was raised ever, it is also a city where Che Guevara lived for a time, so we are looking forward to being there. We will be hosted by another couchsurfing host there….so Rosario here we come.

To check out more about Roasrio, click here

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Picture Journal of our days so far

This is a quick photo essay of what we have been up to so far in Buenos Aires and some sights from in and around this huge city…

The big bird that flew us here: this is a pic of our plane landing at Cape Town International, coming in from JHB.

747 coming in to land at CT international

Yesterday (Thursday) we went and visited South American Explorers club, they specialise in travel information throughout the whole fo South America. There was an amazing view from their office window in Downtown BA, looking onto the Obelisco (Obelisk) on Avenidas 9 de Julio (9th of July Avenue). It is a huge highway of 12 lanes that flows into the central part of the city.

Obelisco on Avenidas 9 de Julio

From there we walked around BA a bit, had a T – Bone steak for lunch (Argentina eats a lot of red meat, they are the biggest exporters of beef in the world and the meat is really good)

The rest are some pics of Buenos Aires some by night. It is a beautiful city with great architecture, particularly in the area we are staying in as it is one of the oldest areas in BA.

The night shot of the building is the view of thedwelling opposite us from our room in San Telmo

View from our room
Rooftop of our hostel

The rooftop shot is image of Francis on her laptop on the rooftop of our hostel in San Telmo, we can pick up WiFi up there, in fact, this post was put together on that very same roof..

From that rooftop there are some great views of the different buildings, The rest of the images are ones that I captured from the roof top

Building cameo shot
Old Argentinian resident
BA Rooftops
Breakfast in BA

This last image  is of 2 slices of melba toast with Dulce De Leche on it. Dulce De Leche is basically caramel, but is an Argentinian treat and they love it. So much so that they eat it for breakfast on toast, it is very sweet and very tasty and usually eaten with a hot cup of very strong coffee (also very good) This keeps you going until you sit down for a steak at lunch time…aaaah the good life.

The journey begins…

We have less than two weeks to go before we leave Johannesburg and go down to PE and then Cape Town. We fly out of Cape Town to Buenos Aires in mid December and from there the journey begins. We will spend a few weeks in Buenos Aires and then we are planning to go down to Patagonia, Bariloche, Tierra del Fuego. We will then go to Ushuaia and from there, we are thinking of going to Antarctica.

Antarctica - Photo source unknown

Antarctica is an amazing place, a place that evokes an amazing sense of adventure, we are very keen to go there, but only timing and budget will tell. From there we plan to go to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, the Caribbean, Paraguay and then Uruguay. So that should keep us busy for the next year or so, after that who knows.

So, South America, here we come…