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Cameos of Knysna

Thesen House
A pano image of Thesen House, named after one of the founding families in Knysna

There are so many things in Knysna that are picture worthy and I hope that in the weeks to come, I will be able to capture some of it. We haven’t yet ventured into the forests and I am REALLY looking forward to doing that. I am very keen to get into the magnificent forests around Knysna, so keep watching this space, I am sure I will get up there sometime soon.

There are a range of images here, they are just a smattering of some of the things we are seeing, so when the light is right, I go out there and shoot. These are some random images.

Thesen Island Homes
Thesen Island is a gated community of homes, very pretty
The Knysna Waterfront
The Knysna Waterfront
Gazania in our Garden...lovely
Lagoon view from our verandah
Verandah View across the lagoon

We are in Knysna…

View from our deck...overlooking the heads

We are in the beautiful coastal town of Knysna and are planning to be here for a while. We have been fortunate to find a really nice little townhouse to rent (see pics) and so we are all sorted. Knysna is a lovely town, most things are within walking distance from one another and it is surrounded by indigenouse forests on all sides. We have spent the last 2 days exploring a bit and we have visited George, Sedgefield, Buffalo Bay and of course walked around Knysna a bit. So, we will be putting up posts about our discoveries in this fascinating little haven on the garden route..so, keep checking in to see what we are up to!

Buffalo Bay Surf
View from our lounge onto the deck
Dining Room



Lunch at the Heads...