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Birds of Eden

Knysna Loerie
Knysna Loerie

We went and visited the Birds of Eden bird sanctuary earlier in the week. Now, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Much to my surprise, it was a really well set up place. The first thing that I noticed is that the birds are not in cages, but fly freely in a MASSIVE aviary of over 200 hectares. So you literally walk into the aviary and walk around it. It is a very well made, high elevation mesh that is higher than the trees and so the bird can fly and roam the place easily. This was a totally different experience. There are also feeder stations throughout the sanctuary that the birds swoop down onto (including the Knysna Loeries) and eat from. As a result of the close contact with people, the birds are very tame and don’t fly off when you approach. It was well worth a visit and I for one was really happy that we did…I would recommend it to anyone who visits the Garden Route.

Under the Canopy
Knysna Loerie
Two noisy Macaws...

Cameos of Knysna

Thesen House
A pano image of Thesen House, named after one of the founding families in Knysna

There are so many things in Knysna that are picture worthy and I hope that in the weeks to come, I will be able to capture some of it. We haven’t yet ventured into the forests and I am REALLY looking forward to doing that. I am very keen to get into the magnificent forests around Knysna, so keep watching this space, I am sure I will get up there sometime soon.

There are a range of images here, they are just a smattering of some of the things we are seeing, so when the light is right, I go out there and shoot. These are some random images.

Thesen Island Homes
Thesen Island is a gated community of homes, very pretty
The Knysna Waterfront
The Knysna Waterfront
Gazania in our Garden...lovely
Lagoon view from our verandah
Verandah View across the lagoon

Knysna Seascapes at Coney Glen

Coney Glen - Panoramic showing the Western Head of Knysna on the right..

Ok, I am a bit of an addict for doing photography at the sea. There is something magical about the water going all soft and misty and the last rays of warm sunshine reflecting off the water. I love the shapes of the rocks, I love the movement of the water and above all, I love the unpredictability of a long exposure image. So the other night, myself and a photographer friend spent about 2 hours at Coney Glen in Knysna, capturing some of the light there. It was a great shoot and I was really happy with some of the images I got, but hey, you be the judge of that…

Coney Glen Sunset and Sea

Coney Glen

An evening with Beyers Truter

Under the Forest Canopy on Featherbed!

We have had some really interesting times in Knysna so far, but one of the highlights to date has been a dinner that we had earlier this week. We saw an advert in the local newspaper called Action Ads. The advert was for a dinner event with world renowned winemaker Beyers Truter, owner of Beyerskloof Wine Farm in Stellensbosch. The interesting part of this particular dinner was that Beyers was going to be doing the cooking and the talking and it was going to be a Snoek braai, no less. Well, we didn’t hesitate to jump at this opportunity and on top of it all, the braai was to be held at the beautiful Featherbed Nature Reserve forest restaurant and we would be transported to the Featherbed Reserve on the beautiful paddle cruiser. We signed up in no time!

Paddle Cruiser
Sunset from the Paddle Cruiser

The evening was fantastic, we boarded the paddle cruiser and on our cruise across the lagoon to the reserve, we had a beautiful sunset. We arrived at the Featherbed Nature Reserve with 50 other excited guests and soon, we  were ushered into the forest restaurant which is nestled under a canopy of indigenous trees and in the middle of the tables were the braais, with glowing coals, all ready for the snoek.

Paddle Cruiser docked at the Featherbed Nature Reserve

We were then introduced to the man himself, Beyers Truter. He is a very down to earth individual when you consider his local and international accolades, he is known and the Pinotage King around the world. The amazing thing is that he chatted to us as if we were having a braai in his back garden. He is very approachable and very funny. He covered topics from how a bottle of sparkling wine is carbonated to the hot debate of cork vs screw tops. He gave us some great tips on how to properly braai snoek (which we tasted and it was delicious) The venue was fantastic, we sat under the low trees with glimmering lights in them and sipped on our Beyerskloof wines and were thoroughly entertained by Beyers and the team from Featherbed Nature Reserve.

Beyers Truter entertaining us with fantastic stories
Snoek being braaied
Beyerskloof wines...

As with all good things, the evening came to an end, but not before a tranquil cruise back to the Cruise Café jetty where we all said our farewells.

For a few hours it was as if we had been transported to another world, and the evening was extremely enjoyable. Thank you to the team at the Featherbed Nature Reserve and to Beyers Truter and his team for putting on a great evening.

Cruise back on the Paddle Cruiser

Tony and Kathy come to visit

We had some visitors today in our little place in Knysna, Tony and Kathy from George. They are long time friends of Francis’ Dad and whenever we are in the area we would try and see them. Last week we went through to George and today, they came through to Knysna to have lunch with us. We had a wonderful time, lots of laughter, fun and fellowship, it was a great time together. We really enjoy being with them…I am sure we will see more of them in the coming weeks and months.

Tony and Kathy in Knysna

Knysna Beauty…

View of the Lagoon from the East Head

We visited the Knysna heads the other day. There are some great viewing points up there. So we went and had a look at what there was to see. The views from up there are spectacular, you can look out to sea and looking the other direction you look over the lagoon. You get a great view of the Featherbed Nature Reserve (more on that later)

Both views are amazing and if you are ever in Knysna, its worth the drive, these are some of images I captured while we were there.We then went down to the bottom of the heads and had a great lunch at East Head Cafe (see previous post) and that was great. Really good food and really well presented…a great outing all in all!

Western Head Panoramic
View from East Head Cafe
View of the Western Head from viewpoint
Teapot Display at East Head Cafe

We are in Knysna…

View from our deck...overlooking the heads

We are in the beautiful coastal town of Knysna and are planning to be here for a while. We have been fortunate to find a really nice little townhouse to rent (see pics) and so we are all sorted. Knysna is a lovely town, most things are within walking distance from one another and it is surrounded by indigenouse forests on all sides. We have spent the last 2 days exploring a bit and we have visited George, Sedgefield, Buffalo Bay and of course walked around Knysna a bit. So, we will be putting up posts about our discoveries in this fascinating little haven on the garden route..so, keep checking in to see what we are up to!

Buffalo Bay Surf
View from our lounge onto the deck
Dining Room



Lunch at the Heads...