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Macro Photos at Apu Lodge

I haven’t done much in the way of Macro Photography on this trip so far. This morning there was some really nice light and it was just touching some of the plants in the garden really softly, so I put on my macro lens and captured some of these…let me know what you think.

Ready to bloom
Rose Leaf
Lily Abstract
High Key St Josephs
Drying Leaves
Rose Bud
Table Cloth details
Winter leaves
Francis Abstract

More images of Ollanta

Ollantaytambo is a small village but there is always something happening. The other day was Ollanta Raymi, a festival that celebrates General Ollanta. So there were lots of processions and there was a whole production that took place at the ruins. I never went in to the ruins, but took some images of the processions and of Ollantaytambo as I wondered through the 500 year old Inca streets. It is amazing to think that when we leave here, we would have lived in an original Inca village in the high Andes for 3 months, amazing.

The dancers on the ruins at Ollantaytambo
The procession starts
The procession starts

Dancers ging to the ruins
The Inca Emperor rounds up his subjects...
Ready to go
We havent seen Starbucks in Peru yet, but there is Inca Bucks!!
The Ruins..
More of the Ruins...
Great stonework
Old door in the town...

A lunch treat..

We decided to have a really nice lunch at the El Albergue restaurant this afternoon. It was a great place to eat and relax. It is the old hotel at the train station at Ollantaytambo. The building itself is an old building that has been restored and is a really eclectic place to hang out for a few hours. Good place to eat, really good food.

El Albergue from the train station
El Albergue
Pisco anyone??
Home made pasta drying
Tea Time...
Coffee shop next to El Albergue
Window cactus
Choc chip cookies..

Cameo’s of Ollantaytambo

Apu Lodge - our home until August

Ollantayambo is a small town, but has a lot of character. The surrounding mountains are imposing and in many ways define Ollantaytambo, its look and its feel. It really is an amazing setting, there are some walks that take you up high into the terraced mountains, well over 3000m above sea level, the views are breathtaking and the drop offs sheer. It is amazing to be here…what a privilege.

Panoramic View during our walk to Pumamarka
Sign to the bakery in Ollantaytambo
Mountain in the distance....majestic
Mountains again...
Side street in Ollanta, by night!

Ollantaytambo Festival

Ok, we are back on the grid of Wi-Fi access, so here goes. There was a festival here in Ollantaytambo last week to celebrate one of the saints of the valley. Details are a little sketchy as to what he did, but the whole town and valley for that matter go into 4 days of merrymaking. They have dancing and music in the central plaza for pretty much four days non-stop. They sing, dance, drink and dance and sing and…you get the idea. They dress up in incredibly colourful costumes and then the various dancing groups parade through the plaza and do their various dances, all accompanied by their own marching band. The sounds are incredible, the sights are amazing and the mixture of everything is a bit intoxicating. On the last evening they have a big fireworks display, in most other countries, a display of this size would require that people need to be probably 50 or more metres away, but there are no such rules in Peru. In fact, I stood just 10 metres from the main fireworks display and could feel the heat…

We enjoyed the festival a lot, there is another one in a months time called Inti Raymi, looking forward to it….

Decorative Headress
Masked man
Dancer in full regalia
Shrine to the saint...
Great colours...and masks
Amazing outfits
These boots were made for..
Young girl dancing...
More outfits..
Leg Decorations
El Diablo..the Devil!

Street dancing..
hehehehe everyone was there..
Not sure who these guys were..
The plaza at night
Dancing in the evening
The shrine reappears
Grand Finale!

Mountains of Ollanta

Tunupa's Face in the mountain

The town that we are living in now is called Ollantaytambo (pronounced OH-YUN-TA-TUMBO) It is in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and is in fact a real living, breathing and authentic Inca town that has survived the Spanish Inquistion and was left pretty much in tact. We are here until August, working at Apu Lodge. The towns setting is breathtaking, it is set in the cleft of a Mountain and is completely surrounded by mountains. Also, according to Inca mythology, Tunupa’s Face (Tunupa was a god that the Inca’s believed created just about everything) has been enshrined into the mountainside just above the lodge that we are in. So, take a look at the top image of this post and see if you can see his face.. We are so happy to be living in such a beautiful place, the mountains are amazing and the setting is spectacular…

Fortress on the mountain
Last light on the mountains
The sun sets on Ollanta

More Antarctica Pano’s

I am sure that many of you must be thinking that we have dropped off the face of the planet. Well we havent, the thing is this, we have taken up a volunteering opportunity in Ollantaytambo until the second week in August. We are quite excited, we are volunteering at a lodge in Ollantaytambo called Apu Lodge. We are helping the owner with the marketing, finance and general day to day stuff. We are excited because we are sure we can help make a difference, plus we will be able to explore the Sacred Valley here in a lot more detail. So, we will be here until August. After that we will do a whistle stop tour of Brasil and Uruguay and then back to Buenos Aires before we jet home on the 1 Sept 2010.

In the meantime, I was going through some of my images from Antarctica the other day and found quite a few more Pano’s, so I have uploaded them for you to look at…let me know what you think! REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THEM to see them bigger….

Port Lockroy - British Post in Antarctica
Yankee Harbour - first stop in Antarctica
The beauty of Antarctica
More Antarctic beauty
Lemaire Channel
Yankee Harbour from the land