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Ok, so where were we..Tucuman

Alright, we left Tanti Hostel and moved back down to Cordoba as we had to connect via bus to Tucuman to trek further north. The one great thing in Argentina (and throughout South America I believe) is that they have an absolutely amazing bus network system. These are not just any buses (We have used the Andesmar line a few times) these have chairs that range from 45 degree reclining to Fully flat (a la First Class on a plane) These buses are airconditioned, have TV on board (Mostly Spanish movies – obviously) offer food and some have WiFi (we haven’t used those ones yet) So, but travel here is a pleasure, oh and you don’t have to book weeks in advance, for the most part, we arrive a the bus station and get on a bus within an hour or two…really great system.

Now, back to where we were. So we left Cordoba and went off to Tucuman. We had arranged to do some couchsurfing there on the first two nights, but that was a bit of a disaster. The story (at a high level) goes like this, we arrive at Tucuman at 21:30 in the evening and catch a taxi to the Couchsurfers residence. We get there and ask for him and he isn’t home, but we are told to wait. It seemed that he lived in a commune in a rough part of Tucuman, so we wait. About half an hour goes by and then one of the “residents” shows us to our room, this was a shocker….(I wont post the images here, but if you really want to see, let me know) and still we waited. After an hour since arriving (approx 11 pm), we ask one of the guys to call him and he says he will be there in another hour or so, that makes it midnight at which point I thanked him and said we would find accomodation elsewhere, which we did.

Tucuman by all accounts is a great, smaller city in Argentina. It has some beautiful buildings and is surrounded by some smallish mountains. In general we really enjoyed the time there, we managed to relax a bit and plan the next leg of our journey. As always, below are some images.

Photography Notes:

Most of the images here were taken at dusk or just after the sun had set. Here is what I do to make sure I get the images i want:

1. Take a light meter reading off the sky and set my camera to correctly expose for this.

2. I take a test shot and if the subject (i.e. the Cathedral is too dark) I then adjust my shutter time to allow more light in by making my shutter time longer i.e. long exposure

3. I use a tripod as far as possible, in all of these shots, no tripod was used however

4. The Government Building shot was actually a composite of 6 images stitched together digitally… I love photostitching

5. The landscape shot of the interior of the Cathedral was two blended images, 2 F – Stops apart and blended together to get correct exposure, I love this too…

6. Lenses used: I have a Sigma 10mm – 20mm wide angle lens and that was used on most of these images