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Sergio’s Home – Couchsurfing Host

The Garden

We had the privilege of couchsurfing at Sergio’s home in Fune, our second couchsurfing experience. Fune is  a suburb in Rosario.  Rosario is an interesting city with a lot of history and lies next to the Rio Parana a navigable river that has ships travelling to Brazil from Rosario and oven from Buenos Aires. At its widest, the river is 64 kms wide…amazing.  Sergio was an amazing host and a truly amazing chef. He cooked dinner for us on both nights and we had a true feast he had even made chocolate mousse….very good.  He also happens to have a beautiful home and garden and we were very excited to have been there. Thank you Sergio, you made our stay in Rosario truly special… here are some images from his place…

Sergio drinking Mate (Muh - te)
Swimming Pool
Sergio prepares dinner
Dinner time