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Sergio’s Home – Couchsurfing Host

The Garden

We had the privilege of couchsurfing at Sergio’s home in Fune, our second couchsurfing experience. Fune is  a suburb in Rosario.  Rosario is an interesting city with a lot of history and lies next to the Rio Parana a navigable river that has ships travelling to Brazil from Rosario and oven from Buenos Aires. At its widest, the river is 64 kms wide…amazing.  Sergio was an amazing host and a truly amazing chef. He cooked dinner for us on both nights and we had a true feast he had even made chocolate mousse….very good.  He also happens to have a beautiful home and garden and we were very excited to have been there. Thank you Sergio, you made our stay in Rosario truly special… here are some images from his place…

Sergio drinking Mate (Muh - te)
Swimming Pool
Sergio prepares dinner
Dinner time

On the move..

We have just arrived in Cordoba after leaving Rosario this morning. Rosario was a lovely city and our couchsurfing host – Sergio was amazing and he had a beautiful home and was a really good chef. Right now though we are bushed and are probably leaving Cordoba tomorrow for the mountains, so once we settle, I will be putting a few posts together… in the mean time, here are some further pics that I took in San Telmo and BA surrounds.

San Telmo Street corner
San Telmo Coffee Shop

Tango guitar master

Tango singers passion
BA is a huge city!!
Coffee Time

Recognise this bank?

Moving on to Rosario

We are having a great time at our couchsurfing hosts Alejandro and Marianna. They are really special people and have welcomed us into their lovely apartment in San Telmo as if we were old friends. We chatted with them until late last night and drank some amazing Malbec wine from the Mendoza region. They are really interesting people and we chatted about politics, music, marriage and couchsurfing for ages.

Monday we leave the big city of Buenos Aires and move onto Rosario, a smaller city approx 300kms away from BA. It is an important city historically as it was the first city where the Argentinian flag was raised ever, it is also a city where Che Guevara lived for a time, so we are looking forward to being there. We will be hosted by another couchsurfing host there….so Rosario here we come.

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia