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Downtime in Tanti

We have spent the last 4 days in the Punilla Valley just outside the city of Cordoba in a small town called Tanti. It really is a small place with only  approximately 4700 residents living here. It has been a wonderful place to settle down for a few days. It has been quiet and peaceful and has given Francis and I a chance to plan our next steps. The great thing about being here is that we have been pretty much self contained, what I mean by that is, we have not had to go out and look for dinner or spend the day walking the streets of the town, we have pretty much relaxed, read our books, updated our blogs, eaten food prepared on the premises and been pretty lazy. The food though, has been amazing. Tanti Hostel (where we are staying) is run by a few young guys and the chef is the father of one of the guys, his name is Carlos and boy can he cook. We have eaten far too much and the food has been great home cooked Argentinian fare. It is not too foreign, in fact it is very much what we would eat in South Africa. In Argentina, meat is a staple food almost, so it is served at every meal (no problem for me there..) and it is generally really well prepared as the Argentines enjoy their cooking. So, we have had plenty to eat (maybe too much) and tomorrow we will be leaving this peaceful place and move on to San Miguel de Tucuman. We have a couchsurf planned for there and hopefuly we will be able to get into the mountains so that I can get some images of the landscapes of the North Western parts of Argentina (take a look at the blog on the link) it is a rugged arid part of the region that should give me some great photographic opportunities. So, heres to the next step in the journey…